Thursday, January 8, 2009

Palm WebOS

Palm introduced a new OS, not so long gone are the days of PalmOS, but a change was needed, with the lines being drawn between iPhone & Windows Mobile, and Palm themselves selling Windows Mobile devices, Palm stepped up and did something. Palm WebOS. Palm WebOS uses Palm's new "synergy" to display similar data in one place, for example contacts from multiple sources will be displayed in one location, though stored seperatly. Makes sense - more on WebOS to come.

The Palm Pre, new software needs new hardware right! Coming in EVDO rev A to sprint! Sweet, here are the specs so far: 3.1" 320x480 touch screen, evdo rev a (on sprint), fast processor, laptop speeds they are saying, WiFi, bluetooth, gps, 8GB integrated memory, 3MP camera w/flash, slide out Qwerty keyboard in portrait mode. The Palm Pre looks nice, I'll probably get one when it comes out on Sprint's web site - or cheaper on eBay. So Palm comes on big with the Palm Pre and Palm WebOS, I'm sure people will be talking about this for a while.

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