Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to get Windows 7 beta 1

Microsoft seems to be up and down with the Windows 7 beta 1 download from the Windows 7 homepage.

This worked for me:

Get a Live account (hotmail, whatever)

Go to and login on the upper right (you may have to create a profile)

Paste this URL in to the browser to get either ISO:

Windows 7 Beta 1 32Bit (x86)
or Windows 7 Beta 1 64Bit (x64)

Now the tricky part, Get a key to activate and install the beta:

(I had a lot more luck using Internet Explorer than Firefox)

That's for a 64bit product key, product keys between 64bit & 32bit are interchangeable.

Make sure you're still logged in to technet (upper right of the screen), You may have to refresh a couple million times. If this is taking you forever don't forget to check back at the Windows 7 homepage for updates. This is a workaround solution because Microsoft keeps pulling the Windows 7 beta links off of their Windows 7 page.

Good lucky & happy refreshing.


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