Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hockey Twits

Update: 09/24/09 - TheHockeyTwits 2.0 coming soon!

I was talking to a good friend of mine, Jennifer Leggio, you may know her from such things as her social media blog over on ZDnet, or maybe you've come across her on Twitter. Anyway, we're both avid hockey fans, you can probably tell from my Twitter HOW-TO for Islander fans blog(a good read for anyone getting started on Twitter). I bleed orange and blue, Jen on the other hand bleeds teal, she loves those San Jose Sharks.

Jen has had some previous experience with organizing Twitter users together. I thought it would be a great idea to have something in place for hockey fans. So here it is, sorted by general hockey people and then by users who follow specific teams. If you want to be added, or if I got your team wrong, let me know(in comments, via facebook or Twitter) your Twitter name and favorite team and I'll get it sorted out. Eventually this will move to a Wiki, but since those Wiki Twitter lists can get messy pretty fast I wanted to start off with a clean slate.


Follow all the hockey twits you can take!

Fans of teams by their NHL division:

Atlantic Division Hockey Twits
Division Hockey Twits
Southeast Division Hockey Twits
Division Hockey Twits
Division Hockey Twits
Division Hockey Twits

Misc. hockey people or users on Twitter. (let me know your teams!)

Another great tool for hockey tweeting by @icejunkies - - !


  1. Great idea. Awesome that you even have it by team :-)

  2. Great idea! Note: most of us Blue Jackets fans use #cbj instead of #bluejackets. You can find a lot more twitterers that way. :)


  3. Thanks for sharing these! I cannot wait for hockey season to start.

  4. Hey! I used to be @cjsier but have switched to @cjsi, however I will ALWAYS be one of the biggest red wing fans out there!

  5. Hey, I'm a #redwings fan AND I tweet during the season. Geez. ;)


  6. Awesome Idea. Misery loves company.
    San Jose Sharks Fan @rontoledo