Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Nvidia ION platform gets Microsoft Approval for Vista

Woohoo, score one for those juicy Windows 7 netbooks that I'm sure all us geeks are dying to get our hands on. Netbooks are nice, cheap hardware, out dated software - just perfect for getting online and facebooking 'til your hearts content. OK, so a linux powered netbook isn't really so bad is it? Not at all, great with power and it can really exploit that limited hardware.

So, at the present we get Microsoft certifying the Nvidia ION platform on Vista, which is simply an Intel Atom processor with an Nvidia GPU (the 9400M).

This was certified on Vista Home Premium, which is all well and good, but running Vista on a netbook is like getting a root canal trying to check your email. I shudder to think at running Aero on an Atom processor with 512MB of RAM.

This is much needed innovation and will help Microsoft get on top of Netbook industry. Windows 7 and Vista are nice and compatible unlike Vista and Windows XP. With the XP like memory footprint of Windows 7, this will help establish Windows 7 as a great netbook operating system.

Now all that's left is to get rid of that pesky licensing fee.

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