Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apple or Apple Juice?

Apple's keynote given by Philip Schiller was a recent change from their usual debut. Usually there is a buzz about some new groundbreaking Apple product. First and foremost, Steve Jobs wasn't available in his usual role because he is being treated for a hormone imbalance. So was there a new iGadget? What was the latest and breaking news from Apple's keynote? Well, not to much really.
The software:

A new version of iLife

A list of new iPhoto features, which is ironically timed given that Google released Picasa for Mac earlier this week, which seems to have all the same features...

A new version of iWork

Ok, Yay!

A 17" Macbook Pro with a 40% bigger battery giving 80% battery life.

That's pretty cool - I hope the battery technology expands for everyone. Kudos to Apple on this one.

I was expecting something bigger from Apple, maybe it's just because over recent years they've gone out of their way to introduce new technology to solidify their company. I know Apple has been making market share strides, but I don't think it's enough for them to take it easy now. Though this seems to be the theme in 2009. With Snow Leopard on the horizon, developers have spoken out, now it is an upgrade, but it's not a feature upgrade. It's a performance and reliability upgrade. Now, I'm not dumb enough to count Apple out of the WOW factor for 2009, but with the increase in Linux users buying PC hardware and the blogsphere buzz around Windows 7, they may stand to lose to their new found footholds.

I guess there's no reason for Apple to be at Macworld after all.

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